"Ultra Air Solutions will work for delivering environmental safety".

We satisfy our customer needs and requirements with high-class technology; and deliver services beyond their expectations.

Welcome to Ultra Air Solutions

Ultra Air Solutions Founded in 2003 by group of Technical experts, who has an experience and a spark to work on industrial Environmental safety and contribute their expertise to fulfil the customer needs and environmental requirements With quality services and customer satisfaction, Ultra Air Solutions has now become the largest provider of clean room testing, certification, and laboratory equipment calibration services in India.

Technology team in Ultra Air Solutions is one of renowned technician team, lead by Mr. Pramod Markale who has more than 30 years of experience in the Clean Air and environmental safety equipments. his approach of delivering the latest and correct technical data to customers and assisting customer to take a primitive actions to improve the productivity of production unit makes him a very special.

Equipments used by Ultra Air Solutions are duly calibrated and serviced by NSF accredited technicians. We’ve built our business by ensuring that each of our staff has the support capability and training that they need to maintain our exacting standards of quality and service, which our clients count on.

At Ultra Air Solutions, quality truly is key. That’s why we continually monitor the quality and validity of our services in accord with established internal standard operation procedures that describe every aspect of our business from scheduling to data collection, quality control, even billing. And, of course, the accredited equipments are compliant with the national and international standards that govern certification, testing, and calibration. Our engineers ensure that Ultra Air Solutions remains on the forefront of industry developments by constantly updating their extensive knowledge in accord with the very latest compliance standards issued by regulatory bodies.

For consistent, convenient, quality service, Ultra Air Solutions is your only choice. From our superior support of research institutions to the premier service we offer the biopharma, nanotech, and medical device industries – Ultra Air Solutions focuses on the standards so you can focus on the science. Let Ultra Air Solutions put our experience to work for you today. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and to schedule services.